The protection of your personal data is very important. Your confidence in our services should be preserved. Therefore we want to ensure the compliance of privacy online. The storage and handling of the user data on the website of the Society of Jungfrau Climate Co2Operation ( take place subject to the cantonal and Swiss data protection regulations.

  • With your visit on different data (internet protocol address, date, time, visited pages, etc.) are saved anonymously to be evaluated statistically. Those statistics do not allow drawing conclusions from single web users.
  • If individual-related information is delivered to the Society of Jungfrau Climate Co2Operation, this information won’t be evaluated or reused for further purposes. It serves only to the order made on the website.
  • Every user of an online-subscription gets access though an e-mail-address and a password to his/hers data and can complete, change or delete them at every time. In addition to the e-mail-address we save your internet protocol address to prevent misuse. The deletion of those data can be applied at the webmaster (anton.graf(at) at any time.
  • Our website works with cookies, to offer a higher operator convenience. You may deactivate those cookies (browser settings). Cookies are small files, which are changed between browser, user and webserver, and which are written from the user’s browser on the hard disk.

Data security / Encoding

  • Together with our provider we took adequate, technical and organisational security measures, to prevent manipulation, damages or destruction of data or unjustified access by use of our web presence.
  • If you access our online forms, the system will change automatically on a secure connection with 128 bit SSL (secure-socket-layer protocol). These data can’t be read of third parties, also in case of witnessing the whole data traffic.
  • You may recognize a SSL-encryption with the https://-extension. Depending on the browser-type, there will be shown additionally a golden lock or key symbol.
  • For the composition of a SSL-encryption there will be selected our server certificate and it will be checked together with the server-address at the place of certification for validity and affiliation. This process ensures that you data will be sent to the society of Jungfrau Climate Co2Operation and not to third parties. In addition this certificate contains the key for the encryption.
  • To verify the certificate, please click twice on the lock symbol in your status bar. If using internet explorer change the opening window to “details”, if using Netscape Navigator click on “show certificate”.
  • Older web browsers (Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape Navigator 4.7 and older) do not support the SSL-technique. We recommend in that case to update your system to a newer version of your web-browser.

For further information we stay at your disposal.



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